Busta Rhymes proves simple is best

Check out this clip.

Here’s what Busta Rhymes is saying off screen:

Hip Hop has been significantly important on a global level. I think Hip Hop has also been one of the greatest teachers and sources of information. Whether it’s how to dress, learning each other’s language, learning each other’s way of thinking, learning each other’s... everything, you know. Hip Hop has been able to do that more than any other music.

So far, it’s okay. Now watch what happens to his voice, as he speaks this next bit.

In every culture it has been just as impactful and effective in that dynamic. Internationally and globally so, you know. The edginess and the outspoken•ness of the culture, the competitive spirit, the competitive nature...

And now this:

...the fearlessness. Just that whole shit that makes the thing move in a way that nothing else does. You know anything that’s been more successful at bringing people together at that, let me know.

Notice how in this middle bit, Busta seems to be losing grip. He is trying to sound smart, and global, and international. And this bit sounds dull and artificial, as if a corporate lawyer was holding a gun to his head.

Then he moves to the last part—the one he really feels. Words fly like knives, his voice raises and he delivers the shit out of that last bit. You can feel the power and the contrast.

So, what happens in the middle bit? He tries to sound smart: ‘internationally and globally’, ‘in that dynamic’, ‘competitive nature’—these words are fancy, not simple. And through these fancy words, Busta loses power. He regains power only when he gets back to simple words.

So, the outtake:

It’s best to use the simplest possible words.
Even for Busta Rhymes

2016   clarity   simplicity
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