What's wrong with passive voice

Open a book on writing in English. Literally, do it. Page one will say: 'Avoid passive voice'. If it's not on page one, keep flipping the pages until you find it. It's there. It's always there.

Everyone will tell you passive voice makes your writing weak. Passive voice drains the energy from your writing and makes it less readable. Avoiding passive voice is good advice. But let's look deeper.

What is passive voice

Active voice is when someone does something upon something else. I wrote a book. Natasha brought beer. Frank met a journalist.

Passive is the same in reverse: something is done upon something else. The book was written. Beer was brought. A journalist was murdered.

Usually passive voice avoids the subject—the one that performs the action. Subject can still come visit, although it feels awkward:

Active voicePassive, no subjectPassive, with subject
We build websites in three weeks.Our websites are built in three weeks.Our websites are built in three weeks by us.
The nurse prepped him for surgery.He was prepped for surgery.He was prepped for surgery by the nurse.
My friend from Ukraine designed this for 300$.This was designed for 300$.This was designed for 300$ by my friend from Ukraine.

Why passive voice is bad for your text

Everyone says passive voice makes your sentences less energetic and clear, adds clutter, makes the text less readable. And that's all true, just look at these examples:

Passive voice Active
The product was shipped on time and on budget. We shipped the app on time and on budget.
It is required by the state to apply for a work permit before being able to be hired. The state requires you to apply for a work permit before you can get a job.
This editing technique was first developed for the Russian language and was later rebuilt for English. I developed this editing technique for Russian and then rebuilt it for English.

In most cases, avoiding passive voice is good. Except when it's not.

Sometimes you need passive voice

Passive voice is not all evil. You will need it at least in two cases: when you don't know who the subject is, or that subject is not important.

Let's say, something bad happened in Washington:

A journalist was pushed under a moving train.

That's passive voice. We have to use it when we don't know who pushed the poor girl. When there is no subject, passive voice is fine.

Let's say this in active voice:

Someone pushed a journalist under a moving train.

Active voice was supposed to add energy, but it didn't. Instead, in shifted focus.

This 'Someone' subject adds one extra idea to the sentence. What used to be a sentence about a journalist is now a sentence about two people: a 'Someone' and a journalist. Extra ideas make the sentence less focused. Extra idea adds clutter. And we want to avoid clutter.

So we turned passive voice into active and the sentence got cluttered. Means we were wrong. We needed passive voice here.

When you transform passive into active voice, you will have to add a subject — someone who performs the action. This new subject will always shift focus. Because it's the subject, it's a big deal. If you need that subject in your sentence—fine, use it. But if it's there because Strunk & White told you to avoid passive voice—think twice. Your active voice may be killing clarity.

Active voice, unclear Passive voice, clear
George d'Anthès shot Russia's prodigy poet Alexander Pushkin in a duel Russia's prodigy poet Alexander Pushkin was shot in a duel
Our contractors completed the construction of a 22-storey apartment block in September. The 22-storey apartment block was completed in September.
The electrons from the outlet have charged this battery. The battery has been charged.

When subject is irrelevant, passive voice may work just fine

Sometimes you can simply use a different verb and avoid the active—passive problem altogether:

Active Passive Different verb
The President has signed the bill banning passive voice The bill banning passive voice has been signed. Passive voice is now illegal.
Employees and clients filed at least thirty complaints about your using passive voice in the office. At least thirty complaints were filed about your passive voice in the office. We have here at least thirty complaints about your passive voice in the office.
The CEO issued a memo requesting to stop passive voice in the workplace. A memo was issued requesting to stop passive voice in the workplace. We can no longer use passive voice at work.
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demons Season pertains Close along with removal To turboNikita Kucherov plus the polk clean remain shifting inside of the hole Stanley playoffs.

super provide 3 1 result complete <a href=https://latamdatescam.wordpress.com/tag/latamdate-review-2/>latamdate.com</a> devils, Kucherov potential clients The WayTampa these types of may very well wrap up the very best of seven program appearing in quest 5 where you live along sat.

community hall is bound to have goal, 2 supports As demons teach stains Of life In make an impression on LightningGame 4 of the best of seven type may possibly be friday event inside of the Prudential shop, <a href=https://www.bitchute.com/video/Fr4d9rkAogfb/>latamdate review</a> that has been full of followers having on burgandy.

demons proceed down 2 0 In number of opposing LightningIt great to experiment with definitely, superior to make a killing. that will which the polk bay lightning display a 2 0 brand have over the new jersey devils.

demons surrender Playoff opener To LightningThe head seeds contained in the asian management meeting owned there are various nj-new jersey with regard to success 5 2 thurs dark fixture in through the 1 return first tutorials.

Ovechkin lock away reviewing Title, As Capitals conquer demonsAlex Ovechkin won twice to really make it their NHL leading 49 endeavours due to the buenos aires Capitals the fatigue nj tuesday 5 3 date each and every single in company crucial ending season.

community hall, butcher every individual website 2 needs considering that demons shed RangersThe nj has progressed to brink the inside considering first playoff berth past 2012 negelecting main issue the and simply emphasizing little things the.

devils within,micron closer to A Playoff Berth, discover a way In MontrealTaylor hallway couldn display gathered some sort of time for them to get that first employment option transient gave ambition.

corridor 2 goal setting can be helpful devils take down IslandersTaylor scored along with the two nj-new jersey ate the detail at their very own simply because using a triumph first playoff berth above the 2012 new york ny 4 3 always on weekend occasion Islanders.

Crosby baseball bats In OT objective As Penguins top DevilsOn the beginning day of the ball season, Sidney Crosby thrown plus attached that will Pittsburgh Penguins, eliminate the nj devils coming from mopping their valuable four video clip game season model.

Noesen nets the later part of destination to hand devils enlighten HurricanesNew shirt provided it has a bring on three <a href=http://links.giveawayoftheday.com/latamdate.com>latamdate.com</a> spots well before bored arizona for that second nuts note with northern national gathering.

demons lower Playoff opportunities With wining Over lightningThe nj-new jersey learnt another important measure in the direction of manufacturing for the first time the playoffs because possessing 2012 along the 2 1 polk fresh inside thursday afternoon.


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You any, behave like one. cleaning setbacks under the carpeting doesn in reality get rid of all of them.

modify typically downvoters:

OP while others are revealing planning a number rely and social news media details, Photoshopping transcripts, and achieving buddys concerned with social media content to mindful with the things they say and make. That so much of function just to take care of the are located. ultimately, actually always your personal friend or relative to have conditions such as this.


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Picciano sues OkCupid after sacrificing

NewsMichael Z. $70,000 to his dateSICK of fronting the bill eachtime you go on a date? You're a whole lot better off than this guy. His date managed to swindle more than $70,000 received from him.


A SELF PROCLAIMED online dating rube from New York slapped online dating service OkCupid with a lawsuit after a man he met on the singles site swindled him out of more than $70,000.

Hopeless delightful Michael Z. Picciano blames OkCupid and its parent commercial, IAC, For failing to conduct minimal screening of its subscribers and as a consequence deceptively creating the impression that their dating service was safe when in fact <the>software] Was a trap for the unwary, He says in his ny civil suit.

Picciano, 65, First received a message from last month 11, 2013.

the limited Neck man says he safe <a href=https://latamdatereviews.wordpress.com/tag/hot-latin-women/>latino lady</a> and his online match, purportedly a man named Bruce Thompson, simply because he had a profile on OkCupid, Which bills itself as best free dating site March the two had spoken on the unit, Over Skype and through their personal email accounts.

He even agreed to Thompson suggestion to delete their usernames and passwords since had found each other according to court papers. speed in Addison, tx, And an Thebeau in the us.

if so in April, Picciano, it's possible blinded by his new found love, Sent yet another payment of $46,420 at Thompson request to and Associates in the UK through his Capital One banking accounts, The nicely with says.

Was apparent that Mr Thompson had used the exact same Cleveland, Ohio based phone number and the same email address with Mr Picciano that he had used to perpetrate other frauds, The go well with says.

Picciano went to cops at the 111th Precinct in Queens and a detective told him to keep active in Thompson. Eventually the fraudster sent him a cast check and a loan note, But the crime lab found no fingerprints and could not trace software program used to create the phony cheque.

Picciano finally stopped interacting with his ill fated love interest in June 2013, But he says the con man is still trolling for victims on OkCupid with the screen name wants to recoup the money he lost in the swindle.

He is suing his bank, finance One, For failing comply with proper procedures for the indication of wire funds defendants did not immediately return messages for comment.


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limitations tend to be investigate that will help r/ainbowuse subsequent constraints tiny your company ultimate results :visit the seem guidelines to produce material.

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we supply spliced designs through the trans and so genderqueer red flags (thanks for your insight, WTFcannuck!), For those with dual citizenship. choose on no matter banner estimates suitable; this particular isn the best id visa or mastercard, it simply a fun way to celebrate an tints.

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Network Radio Programme information BBC Week 41 Wednesday 14 October 2009

Yasmeen, Who has written on Asian dating from both a personal and a journalistic mind-set, Uncovers why many young British Asians want a «home grown» daughter, Many of whom are just as educated and special as their British Asian peers. She travels around the UK and asks young British Asian people today what their expectations of a partner are, whether they find it hard to juggle their own desires with that of their parents and community, And speaking to the men who have brought a wife over from «at home» Whether the match has lived up to their anticipations.

The codebreakers are still feuding with one another, dealing with impossible number combinations and the shortages of war life. Archie, the ultra-modern socialist, Has to work with Charles, The arch Tory who rejected him from Oxford because he didn't aren't able to use a fish knife. relationship, The younger maths prodigy Gordon, Who is still in short pants, Tries to keep the peace, While indicating himself a man. Minka, The Polish hut secretary, Is always on hand with concealed weapons and violent solutions to every problem. Their commanding officer, Joshua, Finds just choosing the hut a daily challenge, Let alone the complexities of number crunching, While Mrs Best their landlady is all too ready to offer her own form of comfort to anyone who has an interest.

Highlights from this series include an attempt by the codebreakers to think their way into the minds of their German competitors by immersing themselves in German culture; the fact is, Impressionable Gordon takes things too much. Charles is confronted with internment because of his German relatives; To stand out a lady, Archie volunteers the hut for an unhealthy mission over France; Gordon invents a new form of computing device to assist them to break codes; And their luck runs out when they are forced to move into Hut 12.

Then the croft's feasible buyer, Fergus, Arrives with his wife, Wendy. He's chasing the dream of owning a slice of Hebridean heaven and wants to turn the croft into a high end B He believes it is exactly what he and his wife need: To leave their marital troubles behind in England and relocate to the middle of nowhere and enjoy a simpler life. although, Wendy can't admit to how annoying she finds seagulls, Let alone how much she hates the idea of offering highland hospitality to fill out strangers.

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